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Timothy James Lambert

A publication dedicated to unlocking the Bible’s secrets

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What is Chryptianity and how to pronounce it?

Chryptianity is a post-Christian religion, though religion may be too strong of a word for it. Basically, it is a new belief system based on a new understanding of the stories in the Bible. …

Let me tell you my secret

The Meeting of Saint Anthony and Saint Paul — Credit

Medium shows me that I’ve published 109 articles. The number is actually higher because I have deleted a couple here and there. Still, over 100 articles and not one has been chosen for distribution.

What is my secret?

I’ve done everything right

First of all, I do believe that I have followed all of…

Don’t make the same mistake I made

Photo by Levi Meir Clancy on Unsplash

My much older half-brother somehow managed to get hold of me in Prague. He told me that if I wanted to be my mother again while she was still alive that I should get to Florida real soon.

Somehow I managed to fly home.

She had fallen in the bathroom…

When hours had no fixed length

Photo by Fredrick Lee on Unsplash

Variable hours

Imagine a world where the length of hours varied from season to season.

Today every hour is the same length and it is difficult to imagine things being otherwise. However, our present system of time is based on mechanical and atomic clocks. …

Are they beings of spirit or flesh?

Choirs of Angels (detail), Annunciation to the Virgin, by Francesco Botticini — Credit

I’d like to talk to you about angels. According to Christian angelology, there are nine sorts of angels. For the purposes of this article, we are going to limit ourselves to the angels found in the book of Genesis.

During the middle ages, Christians believed in something called the Great…

Finding our place in the cosmic hierarchy

The Great Chain of Being (1579)— Credit

The Great Chain of Being is a schematic organizational structure of the hierarchy of existence as believed by Christians during medieval times.

The diagram above does an excellent job of capturing the concept. On the bottom is a graphic illustration of Hell and its punishments which mirrored the tortures being…

And the history of the pentagram

Six-pointed star from Manly Palmer Hall collection of alchemical manuscripts, 1500–1825 — Credit

Recently my friend and fellow writer Jonathan Poletti left a note on one of my articles asking if I had done any writing on the Star of David. It turns out that I hadn’t. Until now, that is. That’s right! …

My most provocative pieces

Fallen angel (1847) by Alexandre Cabanel — Credit

My writing on the Bible focuses on several different aspects. The parables and miracles of Jesus are one aspect. The different systems found in the seven days of Genesis are another. The articles I write about these topics are not usually very controversial.

There is, however, one series of articles…

Never underestimate the value of woo

Photo by Terry Vlisidis on Unsplash

Unpacking sphere-packing

People must wonder why I spend so much time and energy writing about sphere-packing. What is the point? Why should anyone care about how balls fit together?

For my answer to make any sense, we need to go back to around 4000 BC when clay tokens of specific shapes were…

Timothy James Lambert

Author of The Gnostic Notebook series, stand-up comedian, and Gnostic. Known as the Judas Iscariot of Gnosticism for revealing that which is not to be revealed.

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